Getting Married At The Grammy’s

As most of you probably know by now, Sunday night at the Grammy’s, 33 couples, both homosexual and heterosexual, were married in a ceremony, in a faux church, with Queen Latifah presiding. With Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and others singing in the background, the couples exchanged rings.  As the singing and ceremony ended, the crowd was on their feet with applause, cheers and tears.

Monday morning, article after article appeared on the internet, some approving, some calling it propaganda, some calling it anti-Christian and leftist. Many wrote about how they wished a music awards show could simply be about music. Christian responses ranged from being disappointed to calling the whole thing demonic.

I didn’t see the ceremony live, but I have since watched it. My immediate reaction: “Why are we surprised?”

For the better part of at least 40 years American Christians have been pulling out of society, creating our own Continue reading

What It Really Means To Be Pro-Life

When I say “Pro-Life” chances are, you think about all the political ideology surrounding the abortion debates.  You probably think of all the back-and-forth of politics and the finger-pointing from both sides that has been happening for decades now.

Now, let me state loudly and clearly that I am against abortion, perhaps with the exception of cases of rape or where the life of the mother is involved.  (Having said that, there is definitely debate as to what is the best way to decrease abortions).  I believe this about abortion because I believe all human life was created in the Image of God and has value.

My stance on abortion is only the first of my Pro-Life stances, though.

I am against the death penalty.  I think it is wrong to kill people in order to show that killing people is wrong.  I think that in the long run, when we kill people for any reason, we are slowly becoming that which we are punishing in the first place.  What we do affects who we are becoming.  A person might be a criminal, but that person is still…well…a person.  A guilty person, yes, but a person.  I am against the death penalty because I believe that all human life was created in the Image of God and has value.  I am against the death penalty because I am Pro-Life.

I think it’s high time we Pro-Life Christians start loving homosexuals.  Really loving them.  I think it’s time we Pro-Life Christians call hate for what it is when Continue reading