Song Lyric Sunday: “What Trouble Are Giants?” by Rich Mullins

This song tells the story of David and Goliath:

“Now there must have been some laughter among the Philistines/At the sight of this scrawny little shepherd/Coming out to meet the record-breaking mammoth of a man who was a killing machine/But it didn’t shake David ’cause he was smart enough to know/It’s more the size of who you put your faith in than the size of your foe”

I don’t know what you are going through today, this week or this year, but rest assured that God is bigger than whatever you are facing.  God is big enough to take care of you.  When you put your faith in Him, you are putting your faith in Someone bigger than anything you could face.  He will take care of you.

Song Lyric Sunday: “The Problem” by Downhere

How can God be good if evil things happen?  If God really loves us, then why do bad things happen?  It’s known as “the problem of evil”, and it’s a question that philosophers and theologians have grappled with for years.  Some have written books to logically lay out how both evil and a good God can exist.  Others have simply shrugged their shoulders at the mystery.  The Pop/Rock group Downhere answers the question in their song “The Problem”:

“Everybody’s wondering how the world could get this way/If God is good then how could it be filled with so much pain/It’s not the age-old mystery we’ve made it out to be/Yeah there’s a problem with the world-the problem with the world is me”

Those who doubt that God is good seem to ask the question so that God seems at fault for evil.  How can God be good when evil things happen?  Doesn’t the fact that evil things happen mean that those evil things are God’s fault?

In their song, though, Downhere turns the question on its head.  Instead of evil being God’s fault, they say, evil is the fault of those who choose it–namely you and I.  Evil doesn’t exist because God created it.  Evil doesn’t exist because God does it.  Evil exists only because we do it.  We choose it.  If every person on the face of the earth refused to choose evil, evil would no longer exist.  “The problem with the world”, Downhere seems to be saying, isn’t that God allows evil.  The problem with the world is that we choose it.

Song Lyric Sunday: “All Things New” by Andrew Peterson

“The world was good, the world is fallen, the world will be redeemed…”

What a great summary of the Christian worldview!

“The world was good…”  God created everything good.  After every day of creation, God called whatever he created, good.   After God created humans, he called them very good.  These are words we need to hear today.  This physical world we live in is not some hurdle that we have to suffer through in order to make it to our ultimate spiritual non-physical eternity.  We were created for physicality.  And that fact is very good.

“The world is fallen…”  We humans have distorted and perverted all of creation, including ourselves.  This is why the physical world sometimes feels like a hurdle we have to suffer through.  The world as it is now is not how God created it.  It is fallen, imperfect, sinful.

“The world will be redeemed…”  This, my friends, is the hope of the Gospel.  The hope of the Gospel is not that this world will finally be destroyed so that we can live in a spiritual state, almost as though we were ghosts.  The hope of the Gospel is that everything that has been perverted by human sin will be redeemed, including the physical world.

The New Testament tells us over and over again that what happened to Jesus in his resurrection is what will happen to us in ours.  Jesus was resurrected in a physical body.  Yes, his body was different, but it was still physical.  Jesus ate after the resurrection.  Doubting Thomas touched Jesus’ scars after the resurrection.  Jesus’ body was a physical one after the resurrection.  And ours will be too.  The fallen physicality of the world as we know it will be redeemed in the end.  How does the Story end?  Read Revelation 21 & 22.  A new heaven and a new earth are created.  We don’t simply go to live where God is.  God creates, indeed, re-creates everything, both heaven and earth in order for us to live there with Him. 

“The world was good, the world is fallen, the world will be redeemed…”  Amen!