Where Was God In Newtown?

Where was God in Newtown?  We have asked that question many times in the last few days.  It’s hard to see Him through evil tragedy.  He didn’t show up miraculously, like He sometimes does, holding back the gunman’s hand.

Where was God in Newtown?  We have heard a couple of different answers proposed from our public religious leaders.  Some have simply said that God is gone.  We abandoned God, so God abandoned us.  Continue reading

Practices for Christmas: Practice Peace (Practices For The Holidays #5)

One of the names Isaiah gives to the Messiah is “Prince of Peace”. But do we really believe that? I mean, do we really believe that Jesus brought and initiated peace? Isaiah was certainly talking about Jesus’ first coming, not his second. It’s found in the famous “For unto us a child is born” passage in Isaiah 9. But do we believe Isaiah? Did Jesus really bring peace?

Let me ask you this: is the world peaceful? That’s one we don’t have to think about too long, isn’t it? The world is definitely not peaceful. Here’s the hard question: Why isn’t the world peaceful? Depending on your viewpoint, there are many answers. The world’s not peaceful because of those violent Muslim extremists or those violent Christian extremists. The world’s not peaceful because of those right-wing Continue reading

Practices For Christmas: Identify With Someone (Practices For The Holidays #4)

What is Christmas about? Yes, I realize that’s a huge question. But seriously, what is Christmas about?

We are going to explore that question and ask how we might put what we learn into practice as we work our way through the Advent season.

One thing Christmas is about is God coming to earth. God crammed his huge, invisible, immortal, infinite self into a tiny human baby. God, in all his majesty and might, became a little baby who relied on human parents just like every other human baby. Jesus relied on his parents to provide food, to change his clothes, to potty-train him. Jesus relied on Mary and Joseph to raise him into a man. Why? Why did God do this? To have relationship with us, because he loves us.

So how can we practice this in daily life during the Advent season? The first practice for Christmas is to Continue reading