Didn’t Jesus Tell His Disciples To Buy A Sword? (Common Objections To Nonviolence #2)

Another common objection to nonviolence comes in Luke 22:36-38.  In verse 36, Jesus tells his disciples to sell thier cloaks in order to buy a sword.  That seems like a pretty open-and-shut case, doesn’t it?  If Jesus tells his disciples to buy swords, then he can’t be teaching nonviolence, can he?

But then we have verse 38.  The disciples tell Jesus that they have two swords.  Jesus responds bg saying “That is enough.”  Wait…what?  Two swords is enough for what?  It is certainly not enough for a war, or even a small rebellion.  Heck, two swords aren’t even enough for individual self-defense, considering there were twelve disciples.

So what are two swords enough for?  And why did Jesus tell them to buy swords anyway?
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