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Artist’s Best: David Crowder Band

What comes to mind when I say “Worship Music”?  Maybe good things such as–praising God, rejoicing, maybe images of Sunday morning worship services at your local church.  If you are a bit more on the cynical side, you might think of the fact that seemingly every popular singer in Christian music has released a “worship album”, whether or not worship is the particular individual’s calling. 

One artist who has proven that he knows how to worship well is David Crowder.  His best work to date is his newest album–Church Music

Lyrically, Church Music is timeless.  One can picture someone singing these lyrics 100 years from now.  If one didn’t know any better, the lyrics could be 100 years old.  This is one key to having great, genuine worship music.  The images Crowder uses are beautiful, ageless and universal.  Let me just quote a few songs:  “Like calm comes to a sea/Like snowfall quietly/You come to me…Like a song rising up/With your heart filling up/Like a heart’s not enough/For this love” (Alleluia Sing), “Heaven loud with glory ringing/Fill the air with angel’s singing/Earth take up the heavenly cry/Lord of all reigns on high” (What a Miracle).   With the abundance of worship music available, Crowder does not take the simple way out, lyrically speaking.  Crowder trades in the schmaltzy lyricism popular today and trades it in for lyrics that are eternal and genuinely worship-oriented. 

Musically, Church Music is a force unto itself.  First of all, the music is continuous throughout the album–there are no breaks between tracks.  Also, the last song ends the same way the first song begins, so if one leaves the cd on “repeat”, the praise would continue forever and ever.  What a thought! 

It turns out that the title Church Music is a bit ironic.  The music David Crowder Band employs is not what one would normally think of as, well, church music.  There are many styles included, but most have a flare of electronic/rock.  As usual, though, Crowder refuses to be easily categorized stylistically, which in itself is a unique quality for a worship album. 

Church Music also includes two remakes of contemporary classics: “All Around Me” originally by Flyleaf and “How He Loves” originally by John Mark McMillan.  “All Around Me” is done in a haunting piano-driven style.  “How He Loves” is simply glorious and praise-inspiring.  Both feel very natural to include on the album.

If you’ve never heard a David Crowder Band album, this is the one to start with.  If you are looking for genuine worship music, maybe something original, this is the worship album for you.  Buy this album–you will not be disappointed!

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